Какой швейцарский вуз выбрать: ETH Zurich или EPFL?

Какой швейцарский вуз выбрать: ETH Zurich или EPFL?

Мы сравнили два ведущих университета Швейцарии и поможем вам выбрать лучший из них

давай поговорим об ETHZ

It was about time to make a sit-down about my studies at ETH Zürich and answer all of your questions. Let me know if you’re considering studying here and what major you’re thinking about!
And if you have any more questions just leave them in the comments below!

more information about the application process: https://ethz.ch/en/studies/registration-application.html
overview of the bachelors in mech eng: https://mavt.ethz.ch/studies/bachelor.html

Admission process 1:46
Mechanical engineering 3:30
compulsory courses 4:09
electives 5:43
Gess courses 6:00
Engineering tools 6:23
Labs 6:44
Focus 7:15
Bachelor thesis 8:24
exams 10:30
my experience 13:29


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Моя магистерская программа в ETH Zurich | Стоимость обучения | уни жизнь | Обучение в Швейцарии в ethz

In this video I share my personal experience of doing a master program at ETH Zurich. I studied materials science. If you have any questions let me know!
Time codes:
00:00 My experience of studying in Switzerland
01:11 Course catalogue of eth
03:32 The first two weeks of the semester at eth
04:17 Performance assessment at eth zurich
05:23 How lab sessions are organised
07:27 How difficult is it to study at eth
08:27 Learning materials
10:24 Repetition of the exam
11:32 Projects and master thesis at eth
12:40 Mode of examination
13:28 Tuition fees

Title: My master program at ETH Zurich | Tuition fees | uni life | Study in Switzerland at ethz
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